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Terrell Joseph Brunet

06/20/1962 – 03/05/2021

One of a kind, a bon vivant, the life of the party… a generous and welcoming person who loved to care for others. He will be missed by so many.

Memorial in Oakland Sunday, May 16. Details to follow.

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  1. I will never forget my first and only Mardi gras when terry hoisted me on his shoulders so I could see over the crowd. I always loved him from the day I met him, 1979 in high school…his amber eyes, golden curls and Louisiana drawl melted me. Always my favorite. What an outstanding person and loving man who always referred to me as darlin. Will never forget him as long as I live. Till we meet again my friend. ❤️

  2. There’s a picture up there of T and me—he’s in a blue chef jacket and I’m in a short-sleeve white one. We’re behind my kids’ former school in St Helena, CA.

    Every year the school has a huge dinner and auction fundraiser. I think this was in 2012 or so. T agreed to cook with me and my crew; it was family style dinner for about 350ppl, and the theme was Southern Comfort or some such; I’m sure I still have the invitation and program in a box somewhere.

    Chef Brunet was my Skills instructor at the CIA back in 1999. He put me in touch with the first of a string of mentors that led, through short degrees of separation, to the best chefs in the country, and I have him to thank for that.

    “One day you will look back on your past efforts and laugh. That which will be on the day you laugh is also available to you here and now.”

    I’ve never met anyone who lived for the moment and in the moment as much as Terrell. This made it a blast to be with him (and a struggle to plan anything!). If I had never met him, I sincerely believe that I would feel the lack.

  3. Always there with a hug and a kind word… such a wonderful and kind-hearted man, so many of us loved and were loved by him. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

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